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I just had a look at my friend Patrick blog. It seems like he is having a great time. He is traveling from New Zealand, through Asia on his way back to Ireland. Far play to you Patrick, looks like you are really having a great time.

So what has been happening?
I am still working away at the Masters, all I have left is the project so I am on the home stretch now. I did very well in all the modules so hopefully I will do as well with this. I’m building a distributed framework that allows distributed persistent stores to share common data. The short name for it is Publish Data Protocol. It means that a central server could audit data stored on servers distributed within an organisation.
As you can guess it is a very practical project which suits me a lot. It is going very well so far but it is as much a technical project as a time management project. Trying to put in the hours around work can be very hard but at the end of the day it is not long until the handup date in February.

The house is coming on great, Amanda’s brother did an amazing job on all the wood work. It is great to see the house start to take shape. I still have to do a bit of work to finish the back garden but it looks pretty well for the moment. I will have to get stuck into it again when the pressure is off with College and I have a bit of spare time again.

I was keeping an eye on the Google shares last week. It was pretty amazing to see it go over the $400 mark. I wonder if it can sustain that kind of growth or will it start to drop soon. Lets hope for all those people who bought it at that price that it does!

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