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Well I finished my Masters, which is one of the reasons that I have not managed to keep up with my blog entries.

There were many times near the end when I was up until 3 in the morning that I though, why?

Why put myself through all of the pressure?

From the marks that I had achieved in my modules I knew that I only needed a C to achieve a first class honors. I wanted to use the project to discover new areas that I had not explored before. Doing a mediocre project was not an option and besides, how often do you have a blue sky project where you are in control of where it is going?

I have come to realise that it is not in my nature to settle for second best. I managed to push myself far beyond the level that I thought I was capable of. This is visible in the finished product.

I am actually going to do a series of blogs on aspects of the project that can be applied to other projects.

The thesis from a thousand miles up is as follows:

Published Data Protocol a distributed framework, capable of communicating with distributed servers within an organisation. There is no restriction on the persistent model that these servers use. Our proposed framework is capable of communicating with each server and conducting a search using the parameters provided.The framework has been developed in an abstract way in order to decouple the type of search being executed from transport and query capabilities of the framework.

So what am I doing with my spare time now?

Well of course I have found something new to research:
(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

There is a lot of talk about it in the internet world and so far I am very impressed with it. I was at a presentation on AJAX last week and could not believe it’s capabilities.
AJAX is actually not a new programming language but an amalgamation of many technologies already in use.
Here is a great series of articles on AJAX from Brett McLaughlin. It will give you a good feel for it.

With the help of AJAX, the Internet is now moving towards the “Web 2.0” age. This is the second generation of the internet. We are moving from the static web page towards fully interactive applications that can rival the desktop application.
I am going to attend a talk on Web 2.0 from the Irish Internet Association. It will be interesting to see their take on this new age.

I also think it is time to revisit the design of my website, so you might see a few changes over the coming weeks…

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