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BarCampIreland kicks off…


Google RSS Reader

Thank you Tom for pointing me to the new release of Google RSS Reader.  Up until now, I have been using a pretty old desktop reader called Abilon.  I have always found it pretty good so I never looked for an online alternative.  

I just imported my opml file from Abilon into Google, so I am going to give their RSS reader ago for a while.  On first impressions, it looks pretty good and could be a strong contender.


Talking at BarCampIreland

I have decided to talk at BarCampIreland this Saturday in Cork.  I am going to talk about AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The title of the presentation is

AJAX, How a 'toilet cleaner' is improving website interaction

I have decided to pitch my presentation at a non-technical audience as I suspect that a lot of the people attending would not need to know about the differecnce between synchronous and asynchronous coummunication but would like to know what you can achieve with it.

Lets hope it goes well and the audience enjoys it. 


ICES Group Revisited

I am on the mailing list for the ICES group and received an email about a talk by Stephen May coming up. Judging by the biography, it definitely looked like an interesting talk:

…Stephen started at 19 years of age in his native Tallaght with a typical 3 bed semi and has since developed a multimillion Euro property portfolio consisting of almost 100 properties.
Stephen is regularly requested to speak at property functions and seminars and we are delighted he has accepted our invitation to return to the forum. By the way, he’s only 27!

The ICES group provides a forum where investors and potential investors can meet to discuss any fears or questions that they might have about investing.  It always good to seek your advice from someone who has been there and come out the other side, rather than someone who is not willing to try it themselves.  I could not get over the turn for the talk.  The room in the Grand Canal Hotel was packed to the brim and as Ian Lawlor, one of the directors of the ICES group, put it:

…It was like an All-Ireland day in Croker

I was amazed by Stephen's drive and ambition.   He has an ability to see potential in a property that somebody else might miss.  Even after building up such a bit portfolio of property he remains an extremely down to earth guy with time and encouragement for all the investors in the room. 

I would recommend going to see Stephen talk, if only to see that it can be done.  When I left the  ICES meeting I felt a need to get out there and start building a future like the very ambitious Stephen May has.  Thank you to the guys in ICES for organising a great evening.

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New BarcampIreland Logos

Far play to Ed and Tomasz in Hosting365 for coming up with the new Logo for BarCampIreland.  It is pretty impressive and I would agree with Conor that it is one of the best barcamp logo's around.

BarCampIreland is happening the 30th of September in Cork.   If you need more information on BarCampIreland , check out the blog. Hope to see you there.

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