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Using Java with Assembly

I came across this article from about how to invoke a JVM from Assembly! I was luck enough to not have to work with Assembly in college but anyone I have ever talked to about it said it was pretty painful to work with. You are probably wondering the same I was: Why use Java with Assembly this is what the author, Biswajit Sarkar, has to say

JNI is essential to the implementation of Java, since the JVM needs to interact with the native platform to implement some of its functionality. Apart from that, however, use of Java classes can often be an attractive supplement to applications written in other languages, as Java offers a wide selection of APIs that makes implementation of advanced functions very simple.

Here is the full article.

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Leave Me alone…. :-)

I was looking at the keyword searches that people have been using to find my site and lately there have been a lot of people searching for “Steve Downey Video“.

I thought this was a bit strange so I had a look myself and it turns out that there is a video on youtube about a Canadian Hockey player. Not sure what the background to the video is but the guy that put it up there misspelled his name as Downey instead of Downie. Here is the video in case you are interested:

I can clarify that this video is not about me, it is actually about Steve Downie 🙂

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Dublin Java Meetup has closed

I just got an email to say that the Dublin Java meetup group has closed on

Don’t be alarmed, it has not been disbanded but moved to a new home over at Jake has more details on the move over at his blog. I did go to a few of the meetups for a while but have been working with a company out in west Dublin since year so have found it hard to attend.

I must try to make more of an effort to get into Dublin city to attend the meetups. Check out the new home for more details on the next meetup.

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Win free tickets to Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin

Web 2.0 Ireland are running a competition for tickets to the Web 2.0 expo in Berlin. Each ticket is worth €1100 so it is well worth entering for anyone that is interesting in going.

Here is how you could win:

the Irish (or Ireland-based) blogger who makes the best suggestion for an original Web Application with an Irish focus will win the tickets.

There are of course a few rules to the competition, check out Web2.0 Ireland for more Information. All entries to be sent to the Web2Ireland Editor.

Better get my thinking cap on….

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Monster have a new PR Campaign

Not to jump on the bandwagon (or is it blogwagon) but things are getting interesting in the Irish blogsphere at the moment over a spam email sent from a Monster employee to all the members of IT@cork. I’m not going to publish the guys name just in case he rings me and leaves a voice mail threatening legal action.

From looking at the various blogs following this issue, it looks like the guy took all of the email addresses from the IT@Cork member list that had been published on their site and then sent a bulk email leaving each of the email addresses exposed to everyone. The monster employee seemed oblivious to legal implications of his actions. As Tom points out he could be facing a fine of over half a million euro:

The Irish Data protection Commissioner takes a very dim view of this and has the power to levy fines of up to €3,000 per address spammed (so potentially €570,000 in this case).

The strangest thing I find in all of this is that the monster employee would have been happy if his name was replaced with someone else’s name!!! I am presuming that this was a nervous slip of the tongue and he did not actually mean to say that. I think the best approach in a situation like this is to hold your hands up in the air and admit what you did was wrong. I would be very interested to see on what legal grounds the monster employee can try to get the blog post removed as he has threatened.

The comments on Michele’s post about this are pretty entertaining. It seems another Monster employee started to leave comments on this and then say that he is not a Monster employee, even after a reverse lookup of his IP address says different. I wonder what will be the outcome of all of this?

UPDATE: Monster have sent Tom an email apologising for the email sent and have asked for ways they can make this right. Just asking a question like that would put my trust back in Monster.

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