Caution when updating Firmware on N95

Nokia N95As I got my phone in Asia, I was able to update my firmware to V12.0.0.14 without having to jump through all the hoops that european users had to. As the upgrade started I saw the warning to backup all of my data before the upgrade. This can be done using the Backup program in the Nokia PC Suite. I was lucky that I did as the phone is totally formatted during the upgrade.

One thing that still worried me was that my upgrade to Nokia Maps Navigation was gone. It looked like I had to pay for the upgrade again. After searching the web I came across a solution.

1. Start Maps application.
2. Go to Options > Extra services
3. Select Add navigation > Accept > Purchase > Select the correct region (i.e. the region you have earlier purchased the navigation for).
4. You see a list of licenses with different lengths of time. You don’t need to select the correct length, just go directly to Options > Update
5. Allow connection to license server to check purchase & license options by selecting “Yes” and by selecting Internet access point (if asked).
6. A note “xxx-day license activated” is shown where xxx is the amount of days left of your license.

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