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Sold out to Google

I have decided to add Google Adsense to my site. I had a lot of hesitation in doing it but after adding the ads to the page banner it doesn’t look too bad. It was actually pretty much pretty pain free to do. I just applied to Google last week and once the verification email came through, it was just a matter of logging into the Adsense site and choosing the type of ad I wanted. This is the best place to start:

The code is then generated and it’s a copy and paste job to place it in the relevant page on the site. I did look at the Adsense plugin from Acme Technologies but as I just wanted to add it to my banner at the moment I didn’t see the need for it yet. If I decide to go down the line of embedding ads into posts then I might look at using it.

Has anyone recommendations on other Adsense plugins that are worth looking at?

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