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Leo Varadkar has lost my vote…

Question and AnswersI wouldn’t normally post about anything political but I felt pretty strongly about a TV show I was at last night. I was in the audience for RTE’s Questions and Answers on what was a very good show. I was very happy to see David Norris there as he is always extremely entertaining. This also happened to be the first time I saw Leo Varadkar speak live. I live in Leo’s constituency and would always have given Leo my number one vote as I thought he did a lot in the area and seems to be on top of all the local issues. As it happened, I wasn’t actually able to give him my vote as I was actually taken off the voting resister before the last election. That issue has since been resolved and I am back on the register.

So why would I not vote for Leo any more? Up until now I thought this man was about the issues and hoped that when he got elected that he would be able to push the Government on the issues that count. Instead what I see is someone that is trying to get as many sound bites in an attempt to raise his profile as a new TD. The only comments that I heard from Leo last night were snide remarks but nothing constructive. This is not the type of person that I will be voting for in the future.

At this stage I really don’t care what happened with Bertie all those years ago. Let the Mahon tribunal decide if any of it effected the planning process and get on with running the country.

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