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Java Programming for the Nintendo Wii

There is a great article over at Ajaxian on programming for the Nintendo Wii. I bought a Wii myself a few weeks back and have been having great fun with Tiger Woods golf. (It is actually my first game console) Up until down the idea of playing a game console alone did not appeal to me but the Nintendo Wii experience is amazing.

The Wii console connects to the controller or Wiimote via bluethooth and uses an accelerometer built into the wiimote to detect the location of the wiimote as well as it’s acceleration. This leads to a really interactive experience for the user.

I have been amazed by responsiveness of the Wiimote and now Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith over at Ajaxian have developed an Ajax app that uses Wiiusej to interact with the Wiimote. The Wiiusej API is a java wrapper for the C based Wiiuse library.

We then wrote a Java class that acts as a state machine for what the remote is doing. It understands the movements, which buttons are pushed, how fast you are moving the device. With this data we could build a simple darts game. With the state machine Java code, and an Applet wrapper that exposed the information, we were ready to get to the Ajax side of the house.

Checkout the video below of the guys in action:

Wii Darts in Ajax from Dion Almaer on Vimeo.

You can find the article here.


Win free tickets to Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin

Web 2.0 Ireland are running a competition for tickets to the Web 2.0 expo in Berlin. Each ticket is worth €1100 so it is well worth entering for anyone that is interesting in going.

Here is how you could win:

the Irish (or Ireland-based) blogger who makes the best suggestion for an original Web Application with an Irish focus will win the tickets.

There are of course a few rules to the competition, check out Web2.0 Ireland for more Information. All entries to be sent to the Web2Ireland Editor.

Better get my thinking cap on….

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What is Silverlight Web 2.0?

I got talking to Fergal Breen of Irish Dev at demobar about an event that is talking place in Cineworld in Dublin on September the 27th. I have to admit, I did not know anything about Silverlight when Fergal mentioned it to me. Apparently Silverlight is Microsofts answer to Adobe’s Flash. We have been looking at Openlaszlo lately which is purely flash based flash and DHTML. It would be interesting to see Mircosofts take on this and what they have to offer.

Here is what Irish Dev has to say about the event:

In September, Martha Rotter, from the original Silverlight crew, invites you to witness how Silverlight can light up the web with Rich Interactive Applications.
Join her, free to learn how to use Silverlight at Ireland’s largest cinema complex. It’s Silverlight, on the silver screen. If you see one movie this year, skip it and join us instead. Next year, they’ll be attending your Silverlight RIA.

I hope to make it along so hopefully see you there if you are interested. Details are as follows:

Time 19.30
Date Thursday, September 27, 2007
Venue Cineworld Complex, Parnell Street, Dublin 1

For more details check out Irish Dev


Good advice on Pitching an Idea

Conor has posted some great tips on Web2.0Ireland for the guys taking part in DemoBar next week.

The last tip refers to the a great book, The Art of the Start. I read this book last year and found it extremely inspiring. As Kawasaki says, it’s not just about starting a business but about starting anything in life.

I’m hoping to get along to along to DemoBar on Thursday to see a few of the pitches. Let’s hope it helps me for my future endeavours.

More on this in the next few months…

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AJAX process definition on Client Side

I came across an interesting article by Masayuki Otoshi via Java World that discusses how to execute process definitions on the client side rather than the server side.  This can come into play when making AJAX calls.  As AJAX is Asynchronous, it is not possible to predict the order that your callback methods will be called in.  Masayuki uses J-SOFA (Java/JavaScript Services Orchestration for Actions) to overcome this.

I haven't come across J-SOFA before but it looks like it might be worth looking at for situations where the order of callback methods is important.

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