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So, Where have I been?

Well, I have been pretty busy lately hence the lack of blogs.   Passion Development is up and running, well the company anyway.  I still have a bit of work to do on the web site. 

So why did I decide to start Passion Development?

In the last few years I have seen a lot of changes in the Software Development industry in Ireland.   Companies are constantly down sizing their product development departments, in favor of short term projects developed by contractors.   Gone, are the years of large product development departments that suffer from the quiet periods between projects.  In today’s software industry, if you are not adding value you are simply a cost.  

It is my aim to use the skills that I have developed to add value to my clients. 

Passion Development LogoI asked a friend of mine, Wendy Kavanagh of dynamo to design a logo for me that emphasized my passion and love for the work that I do.  I could not be happier with the finished product. It is made of an very abstract p  and d.  Thank you Wendy for all the hard work.  Now, If I only got to work on the content for the Passion Development Website, she could work magic charm on that too.



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