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See you for a Virtual Pint…..

I went along to the Dublin Java Meetup group last night.  It was a very interesting night which attracted some new members as well as the usual suspects, about 15 members in all.  The Dublin Java Meetup is always a good night where you can discuss any aspect of Java technologies (Or any technical topic at that.  For some reason Ruby on Rails has been discussed at every meetup for the last few months:) )

Whether your are an expert in a certain area and have lots to contribute or have heard of a topic and would like to know more, this is definitely the place to go.   Among the topics discussed last night was Java Kicks.  this is a Digg like service aimed at the Java community.  It is has only been launch recently but already has a very big following in the Java community. There was also some very interesting demos of Naked Objects. SOA's, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, EJB3.0 and the Dublin Contract market were just a few of the other topics that were on offer.  

One other thing that was discussed was the Java developer community in Ireland, that are not able to make it to Dublin for the meetups. To overcome this we are organising a 'Virtual Pub' meetup.  More details to follow but at the moment it looks like it will be happen on 7.30 on the last Tuesday of the month.  The proposed topic for Tuesday the 25th of July is

'What technologies should I be learning in the next 12 months?'.

Hopefully it will be a good interactive session for all developers of the Java community.