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New BarcampIreland Logos

Far play to Ed and Tomasz in Hosting365 for coming up with the new Logo for BarCampIreland.  It is pretty impressive and I would agree with Conor that it is one of the best barcamp logo's around.

BarCampIreland is happening the 30th of September in Cork.   If you need more information on BarCampIreland , check out the blog. Hope to see you there.

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Thank you Eddie Hobbs

After looking at our National Hero Eddie Hobbs on the TV in shows like Show me the money and Rip-off Republic, I decided to take a bit of his advice.   My SSIA matured a couple of months back and left me with an extra €250 a month that I had been saving for the last 5 years.  I decided to ignore all the banks advice about all the great loans and extra debt that I could get myself into with my €250.  I instead increased my repayments on my mortgage by €250 per month.  

I had expected that this would reduce the term of my loan by a couple of years.  I was really shocked when I got a letter from the bank on Friday informing me that I had just knocked 8 years off my mortgage!!!  This is also saving me a small fortune on interest. 

Thank you Eddie Hobbs, you now have a fan for life  🙂