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AJAX process definition on Client Side

I came across an interesting article by Masayuki Otoshi via Java World that discusses how to execute process definitions on the client side rather than the server side.  This can come into play when making AJAX calls.  As AJAX is Asynchronous, it is not possible to predict the order that your callback methods will be called in.  Masayuki uses J-SOFA (Java/JavaScript Services Orchestration for Actions) to overcome this.

I haven't come across J-SOFA before but it looks like it might be worth looking at for situations where the order of callback methods is important.

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Major increase in Spam Comments

I currently moderate all comments made to my blog in an attempt to stamp out spam comments.  This has worked quite well in the past as I might get about 5-10 spam comments a day.  Since Monday there has been a significant increase in the amount of spam comments with an average of 1500 per day.

I think I am going to have to implement some of the measures that Tom Raferty used to eliminate spam comments from his website. Seeing as most of the comments  are about on line gambling of some sort. I am going to try the blacklist option for the moment and see how that goes.


I am going to give the spam plugin from akismet a go.