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Ever want to run your web application on Google’s infrastructure?

Well now you can….

Google just launched a preview of their app enigne. You can read all about it here.

With Google App Engine, developers can write web applications based on the same building blocks that Google uses, like GFS and Bigtable. Google App Engine packages those building blocks and provides access to scalable infrastructure that we hope will make it easier for developers to scale their applications automatically as they grow. This means they can spend less time dealing with system administration and maintenance, and more time building and improving their applications. (There’s more detail on the new App Engine Blog.)

I tried to sign up but it looks like the first 10,000 have already applied. You can still download the API from here in the mean time if you want.

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Daylight robbery in M&S Ireland

At a time when the Euro is getting very close to the 80 pence mark, M&S in dublin are ripping people off with an exchange rate of 55 pence to the Euro.

See the example below, a packet of puff biscuits that retails for 99p sterling was being sold for 1.79 Euro in M&S in Dundrum.

Exchange rate rip off in M&S Dundrum

I can understand that not all shops are going to update their prices every week to keep in line with the current exchange rate but an exchange rate of 55 pence is disgraceful.

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