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Dublin Java Meetup has closed

I just got an email to say that the Dublin Java meetup group has closed on

Don’t be alarmed, it has not been disbanded but moved to a new home over at Jake has more details on the move over at his blog. I did go to a few of the meetups for a while but have been working with a company out in west Dublin since year so have found it hard to attend.

I must try to make more of an effort to get into Dublin city to attend the meetups. Check out the new home for more details on the next meetup.

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I’ve seen the (Silver)Light

SilverlightI went along to the Silverlight presentation by Martha Rotter last night. It was a pretty good venue for the presentation and I thought it went really well. It was only when I read Pabcas blog that I realised there had been technical hitches. I had been bribed by Fergal with a voucher for free ice cream so must have been in the queue for Ben & Jerry’s when the hitches occurred. Far play to Martha for working through them, as a late comer I was oblivious to them.

So now to the presentation itself… I had been to Martha’s presentation at Barcamp last Saturday and was really impressed by Silverlights ability to interact with any Webservice using JSON. I had hoped for a demonstration of this but the presentation tended to focus more on the Silverlight’s UI experience. The fact that you can interact with most scripting language is a bonus for example hooking into the DOJO libraries. One thing I found though was that the demonstrations tended to be very low level and the audience seemed to be looking for demos with a bit more meat. Having said that though, I thought there were one or two people in the audience that were just there to try and pick holes in the presentation which was unfair. One or two of the questions seemed a bit bizare but Martha seemed to be used to it as she handled the questions quite well. What I would have liked to see last night was Silverlight calling out to a remote web service or a RSS feed and dynamically updating something on the front end.

SilverlightOver all I am pretty happy I went. I managed to get talking to a few of the guys that I had met at Barcamp the previous Saturday. The icing on the cake how ever was winning a XBox game. The person that was called out before me actually won a XBox console!!! I was really impressed and didn’t expect anything like this would have been up for offer.

Thanks to the MTUG Dublin for organising the event and of course to Fergal and all at Irish Dev.

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Thank you Barcamp Dublin

barcamp-dublinI went along to Barcamp Dublin yesterday and as usually had a great day. The organisers Joe, Elly, Eoghan and Paul did a fantastic job. It was my first time in the Digital Exchange building, which provided an intimate atmosphere for the event. That was of course unless your talk was taking place in the main auditorium, however this room was perfect for the very popular talks like Darren Barefoot‘s as well as Eoghan‘s and of course the panel discussion.

When pricing goes wrongThe first talk I went to was by Conor Halpin of LeCayla. His talk focused on the pricing policies with SaaS. Conor perfectly demonstrated how not implementing the correct pricing policies from the start can be slightly restrictive as can be seen from the photo 🙂

One thing that I took from his talk was that getting good reliable reference sites is more important that making a profit from your initial customers. Once you have these reference customers on board, you reduce the risk exposure for further customer.

I managed to catch the end of Eoin O Dell‘s talk on bloging law. I will have to have a look at the full slides of the presentation to make sure I don’t breach any liable laws here. Although I should really start concentrating on posting more that once a month.

I was happy I caught Darren Barefoot’s talk on social media. He is a really entertaining guy and attracted a lot of audience participation. One thing I took from the talk was that for a blog to be successful it needs to be transparent and honest. I think that might be a barrier to entry for a lot of people. It is hard to hang out all of your washing for the entire internet to read.

I also went along to the GTD talk but might talk about the later as I have a lot to say on it. I think GTD might be exactly what I need at the moment. Recently I have found more and more weeks go by when I look back and think what have I actually done this week. I think it is time for a bit of time management. Needless to say I went and bought David Allens book to look into GTD further. This session conflicted with John Ward‘s presentation on Selling Web2.0 to Irish Financial Institutions. I was talking to Mark earlier in the day. He has done some great work with his company Cengal and gained a lot of caveats along the way. I was sorry that I missed it.

The panel discussion worked very well. I really enjoyed listening to Karlin Lillington of techno-culture. I sometimes find that there can be a few big ego’s floating around the blogosphere. It was refreshing to meet someone who it not solely concerned with getting their self a few more steps of the Technorati ladder of fame but genuinely enjoys blogging. She seemed to be just as happy to have 5 people really enjoy what she writes as have 5000 and all the fame.
I had to slip off after the panel session so apologies for missing the other sessions that followed.

Thank you for another great Barcamp.


See you for a Virtual Pint…..

I went along to the Dublin Java Meetup group last night.  It was a very interesting night which attracted some new members as well as the usual suspects, about 15 members in all.  The Dublin Java Meetup is always a good night where you can discuss any aspect of Java technologies (Or any technical topic at that.  For some reason Ruby on Rails has been discussed at every meetup for the last few months:) )

Whether your are an expert in a certain area and have lots to contribute or have heard of a topic and would like to know more, this is definitely the place to go.   Among the topics discussed last night was Java Kicks.  this is a Digg like service aimed at the Java community.  It is has only been launch recently but already has a very big following in the Java community. There was also some very interesting demos of Naked Objects. SOA's, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AJAX, EJB3.0 and the Dublin Contract market were just a few of the other topics that were on offer.  

One other thing that was discussed was the Java developer community in Ireland, that are not able to make it to Dublin for the meetups. To overcome this we are organising a 'Virtual Pub' meetup.  More details to follow but at the moment it looks like it will be happen on 7.30 on the last Tuesday of the month.  The proposed topic for Tuesday the 25th of July is

'What technologies should I be learning in the next 12 months?'.

Hopefully it will be a good interactive session for all developers of the Java community.