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Are we all Cynics?

I was reading the comments on The Register regarding what Web2.0 means to people. The majority of the comments are pretty negative. Some might say that they are right to be cautious about the new “Next Big Thing” as so many people were burned in the post millennium downturn in IT. I would err on the side of caution in most situations but there is one thing that should be embraced by the Web2.0 wave.

When people constantly approach things in a negative light is very hard to be inspired to push yourself and create something new and inspiring to others.
It is very easy to say:

Web 2.0 is the air for the next bubble

Web 2.0 is …
“These marvellous new clothes that only the emergent can see.”

If while looking at the internet’s new clothes a few people are inspired to develop something wonderful,interactive and Web2.0 then I think it was worth it. When this does happen I’m sure that all those people that were standing by with pins ready to burst the bubble with have something else to dismiss.

Is Web2.0 surrounded by hype and clever marketing?
Yes, it probably is but maybe just maybe all this hype might be a catalyst to something great.


Calling all techies….

I was talking to Dave Lawless of Infinite Agent last night at the Dublin Java meet up group about the lack of community spirit among developers in Ireland. He agreed that there is definitely a void here.
There are many developers in Ireland that feel very passionate about the work that they do. A lot of the time they are buried deep in side organisation where the status quo is to just get it done and no appreciation for the technologies they are using. A techie conversation at lunch would be out of the question.

For those of you out there that would like that odd techie talk, I would encourage you to join groups like the Dublin Java meet up group. Maybe Java is not your thing, if so create your own group!

Lets try to build developer communities in Ireland, I know there people are out there feeling isolated, lets just get them all together.

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Google to pay out $90 Million

Google are set to refund up to $90 million to Google ad network partners that can show that they were improperly charged for advertising clicks in the last four years.

Google’s advertising works by displaying adverts on many host web sites throughout the internet. When an ad is clicked, the advertiser is charged a fee by Google. The web site who hosted the advert will also receive a commission.

The problem lies with rival companies continually clicking on a companies advert. This increases the advertising cost for the rival company. Click Fraud as it is called is seen as a major treat to this form of advertising.

It will be interesting to see how this works out as advertising is Google’s main source of revenue.

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Spot to be available in May

Small Programmable Object Technology (SPOT) is part of the J2ME family and aims to allow developers to build programs for wireless sensors. Sun are releasing a developer kit which will consist of two wireless sensors, a base station and the JavaBeans development software all for $499.

The aim is to allow researchers and budding hobbyists to experiment with the kit and see what type of systems it can create. Not sure if I am that interested in that area but I’m sure there are plenty of people that will be interested. I’m look forward to see what type of applications will be developed.

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Nice web 2.0 site

I was looking at Woophy earlier. It allows people to display photos from around the world. Users can look at their local area and see photo’s that people have taken.

Have a look at the pictures in Dublin and you can see a picture that I took at the Pope’s Cross in the Phoenix Park.

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