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I’m turning into an Inverse Paranoid

I went along to a Jack Canfield seminar in Dublin last year and although I learned a lot at the time.  The one lesson I didn’t pick up was how to take action.  This is the only way that all of the ideas in my head are going to come to fruition. It was a great day full of great inspiration.  Ever since, I keep finding myself referring back to things that happened that day.

At the time I bought the book that accompanied the seminar (The Success Principles: How to Get from Where You are to Where You Want to be) but left it on the shelf until recently.  I thought with a new year, it was time to read up on those principles and set a few goals.  I also turned 30 recently so decided I wanted to give my goal setting a bit more weight.

One of the goals that I set myself was to run a marathon.  For those of you who have not met me, the idea of me running a marathon is a pretty tough reality.   Well, the laws of attraction were in play that day. When I arrived home, I got a phone call from a relative of my wife asking if I would be interested in a study on the effects of exercise.  It involves working along side a personal trainer and a nutritionist for 6 months!

I now have a clear plan in place to loose the weight I need, in order to start the serious marathon training in June.  I’m now registered for the Dublin marathon in October.  My number is 3071 so look out for me.

One principle I love in the book, is the idea of an inverse paranoid.  This is someone who instead of being paranoid that everyone is out to hurt them, is convinced that everyone is out to help them.  You should try it some day. If someone annoys you in some way, stop yourself from getting annoyed and think “What is my opportunity here”, “what way does this person want to help me”.

If anything, you spend the day a lot happier.

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