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Subversion….CVS 2.0?

I came across this article from back in January by Elliotte Harold regarding Subversion.  Subversion is being adopted by more and more developers in recent times as their SCM tool of choice.   I am using Subversion with my current Client and have found it great to work with. I have used a few of the SVN plugins to get my ENV working on my windows box but found the Subclipse plugin for Eclipse to be one of the better ones.  This is also the one that Harold discusses in his article.  He concludes his article as follows:

For internal repositories, Subversion is a vast improvement over CVS. Once some kind of obliteration functionality is added, it should be suitable for external repositories as well. While third-party Subversion support in tools like Eclipse is not quite as widespread as support for CVS, this is changing rapidly. Subversion should be the default source code repository for new projects…

…….The future lies with Subversion.

 In the past I have used CVS and VSS but I have found Subversion has picked up where CVS has left off.  I agree with Harold that Subversion is a must for any new projects.

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