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Michael Dell back in CEO position

Dell has just announced that Michael Dell will return to the CEO position in Dell.   It looks like a case of "If you want something done, do it yourself".  Michael Dell was the CEO until 2004, he will replace the current CEO Kevin Rollins. Dell went through a rocky year in 2006 with battery issues as well a SEC look at their accounting practices.   I think this is a great move and hopefully will see Dell move back to its glory days.  With Vista also being launched at the moment, things are looking up for Dell.

 Since the announcement earlier Dell's share prices has risen nearly 4% in after hours trading.

UPDATE: Shares are up 5.5% before market open

 (Disclosure, I currently own shares in Dell)

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Vista Launching today

Microsoft are finally launching Vista today.

Five years in the making, Windows Vista launches on Thursday — the operating system Microsoft thinks is its most significant launch since Windows 95 was unveiled 11 years ago.

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