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New Irish site for Vehicle Registration Tax

Vrt IrelandIn July of 2008 the Irish government intend to change the way it determines the amount of tax to pay to register a car in Ireland. The old model was based on the size of the engine while the new model will be based on the Co2 emissions from the car. The same model will be used to determine the amount of road tax to pay for new vehicles.
I was looking for information on Vehicle Registration Tax and found it hard to find a site that would let me compare the various cars in a band. There are sites out there where I can look for a particular model and see the emissions for that car but no site would compare ‘All cars in emission Band A’ .

I decide to create a site myself. Its very basic at the moment and provides tables for each car type as well as one very large table that contains all of the cars and allows the user to sort by band. I’m using the wp-Table plugin to build each of the tables on the site. This plugin uses a mysql table to store the various rows of each table. It also allows you to upload the data in CSV format which helped a lot.

Visit the site here...