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Why is being penalised by Google?

I launched my VRT Ireland website last month and up until the start of this month I was getting great support with an average of 100 unique visitors a day. this may not sound like a lot but when your average visitors suddenly plummets to between 9 and 15 it was a lot. I have noticed that if you search for “Vrt Ireland” in Google it will not longer lists my website. Up until now it was always in the top 5 results for this search and it was teh most popular search term used to find the site.

You can see in the Image below from the dramatic effect this has had to the site.

I have looked at the Google Guidelines to see if I can see why the site has been penalised but the only thing that I found were hidden links in the wordpress theme that I have been using. I have removed any link that I found embedded in the theme but the site is still being penalised.

As you can see from the stats above, the site was first removed from Google a few days from the 30th of April until the 5th of May. Matt Cutts site recommends that you fill in the Request reconsideration” form to get Google to relist your site. I filled in the request reconsideration form at this point and it was back in the first page of results again but a few days later it was removed again. When filling out the form I explained the situation and even asking for feedback as to why the site is being penalised so I can rectify the situation if there is something I am doing wrong but I have not received any feedback from them at all.

I would really appreciate any feedback or pointers to getting my site back up the Google ranking.

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